VINYASA An open-level class using breath as a guide to movement. This class seamlessly blends asana, pranayama, and mindfulness practices and is designed to energize you physically and restore you mentally. Classes marked Live Music Vinyasa will have rotating guest musicians creating a soundscape to accompany the class. 

MEDITATION In this 30 min class you will first be taught how to prepare your seat for meditation, there will be a 20 minute sit where the teacher will guide you through various meditation techniques, leaving space for stillness, then you will have an opportunity to share what came up for you, ask questions, and hear about others' experiences.


CANDLELIT KATONAH RESTORATIVE Soothe your aches and pains and clear out joint space in this open level candlelit class. The goal of a Katonah restorative class is to reform the body through archetypal poses such as supported backbends, hip openers, twists, and long forward folds. There will be hands on adjustments and breathwork. 

FUNCTIONAL YOGA  Traditional yoga vinyasa sequences along with strength building techniques and somatic experience tools. There are both breathwork and mindfulness segments as stand alone modalities and integrated throughout the practice. Open level.

INTER/ADV VINYASA This vinyasa class will move at a moderate pace and include more opportunities for arm balances, inversions, backbends, and deeper hip openers such as lotus variations and yoganidrasana.

PRENATAL YOGA This gentle flowing class is an opportunity to stretch and strengthen the body through postures, pelvic floor exercises, breath work, meditation, vocal release, and other tools. These can all be used to assist with preparation for labor and delivery. In every class we will cultivate ways to channel your innate wisdom, divine strength, and connection to your baby.

MOMMY + ME YOGA Come connect with your body, baby and other parents through movement, breath and  play. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to bring the practice of yoga and body awareness into the experience of parenthood. Open to newly postpartum mothers cleared at 6 weeks, and those with toddlers up to the age of 3 years old. 

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