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I was called to yoga in 2013 while in a transitional period in my life. I found that it exceeded all expectations I had.  It completely transcended the physical. My yogic journey grew and I received my first training in 2015 with Yoga to the People. Since then I've done trainings with Maha Mama and Science of the Self.


My devotion to the practice continues to evolve with life's current. I believe that our healing emerges deep within us and radiates far beyond. By simply making the conscious choice to tune into our bodies, breathe, and connect we can undo cycles of harm and disconnection. I have observed that by simply moving or conversing in a room with others we can activate change within ourselves and the communities we're a part of. I also understand that through profound care and sincere listening we are all capable of connecting with the true essence of the practice.


Outside of yoga, I am a holistic full spectrum doula. My intention is to create safe spaces for all to explore, empower, connect to their heart. My work and interests are manifestations of my evolution and continue to be a tool to unlearn, uproot, and align with the divine.


What is your class like?

My gentle flowing class is an opportunity to stretch and strengthen the body through postures, pelvic floor exercises, breath work, meditation, vocal release, and other tools. These can all be used to assist with preparation for labor and delivery. In every class we will cultivate ways to channel your innate wisdom, divine strength, and connection to your baby.

When do you teach?

I teach Prenatal Yoga Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm and Beginner Yoga on Saturdays 10-11am

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