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I started practicing yoga right after college. I was too weak to hold a downward facing dog and would often get frustrated in class but the fractional improvements in my strength and state of mind kept me coming back. The more I was able to hold the poses and steady my breath, the more capable I felt in all areas of my life. 

Studying and practicing yoga gave me the ability to observe myself: to delay the time between an event and my response to it so that I could recognize my habitual reactions, so ingrained that they often bypassed any discernment, and begin to have more choice. My yoga practice gave me tools for self regulation and allowed me to view the peaks and valleys of my life as a reflection of my being a part of the natural world instead of interpreting every ebb as a failure.

I love teaching yoga. I love sharing these practices that have helped me so greatly and am deeply touched whenever someone attends my class and trusts me with their time. I founded Sarai in January 2022 with the help of Apoorva Mudgal, Andrew Yu, and Andy Whitlatch. It is my hope that this space will become a sanctuary for my beloved New York neighbors and a catalyst for more people to have access to these practices.


I love all movement (except jogging) and when not at Sarai, I can be found bike riding and dancing salsa. 


What type of old person would you like to become?

The kind that yells "get over here and give me a hug" from across the room, tells her grandchildren tales of landlines and when the subway had no clocks, and who wears her aged skin proudly despite a society that (will hopefully stop) telling women they're worthless when they age

What is a poem that has changed your life?

The Thing Is by Ellen Bass

What makes your spirit come alive?

Hearing someone's story, eating a really fantastic meal, meeting a kindred spirit, dancing salsa, traveling to new places, looking at lemons 

What are your classes like?

My classes are accessible and challenging. We generally hold postures for at least five breaths as we travel our neurology through the pose and refine it. I offer options to work toward more challenging postures and give verbal and hands on adjustments. Most classes will include pranayama (breathwork).

When do you teach?

Tuesdays at 7pm, Wednesdays at noon, Saturdays at noon, Sundays at 7pm

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