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My yoga practice has shifted my relationship to my body and my entire sense of self. I have been a mover and an athlete but it's one thing to move your body through space and an entirely different thing to be in that space with consciousness. Yoga continually teaches me how to be with myself and how to step into my power. I think of my practice as cultivating the home I want to live in.  I love to teach because it gives me the chance to hold space for other people who are building or deconstructing or exploring their relationship with themselves and their bodies. 



I am a 500 hr certified yoga teacher and hope you will come be with yourself for an hour in my class at Sarai. 


What type of old person would you like to become?

I want to be doing handstands and cartwheels when I'm 90.

What is your class like?

In my 60 min class you will heat up, breathe, balance and cool down. There will be a mixture of sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures and hand balancing. If all of that is foreign to you this is the class for you. It is for the beginner who wants to develop a strong practice but doesn't know where to start and also for the intermediate practitioner who knows the basics and wants to explore depth within the structure of a classic vinyasa series.

When do you teach?

Fridays at 10am

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