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Abigail believes in the power of yoga to turn garbage into gold. She has spent the past eight years teaching yoga throughout New York City, and is inspired to offer creatively sequenced classes that focus on the breath, alignment, and a lot of laughter. She brings her nurturing disposition and sense of play to her students through feel-good asanas, pranayama and meditation. Her classes artfully infuse Katonah Yoga® theory and aim to orient students within their bodies so that they can get closer to their true selves.

Yoga is a practice to reclaim and access joy. Her hope for her students is that through their yoga practice, they can clean out some of their inner chaos and clutter and have the space to participate in life more fully. 


What makes your spirit come alive?

My cat lemon, listening to the magnetic fields, reaching a new level of depth with an old or new friend, sharing food, taking a friend’s yoga class

What kind of old person would you like to be? 

The kind that always has freshly baked cookies around and whose grandkids come to her for reprieve (and for the cookies, who are we kidding!): the kind of New Yorker old person who has a pushcart and still goes to the grocery store every single day, maybe even brings her cat outside with her in said pushcart.

What is a book that has changed your life?

No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre (I was an angsty teen and found the read upbeat).

What is your class like?

Amateur comedy hour with a side of functional movement! All jokes aside, expect a playful class that’s subtly challenging with a focus on form and function. Each class will probably include pranayama, meditation, and restorative postures with lots of props.

When do you teach?

Thursdays 12-1pm

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