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Hello there!  My name is Kent.  I'm on an ongoing quest to understand what it means to be a human being.  Teaching for me has been a valuable navigation tool.  I get to interact with all kinds of people.  It gives me a chance to see a student's potential and try to figure out how to help them get to the next level.  The insights and stories they share always brings me joy and inspiration.  

I did my 200HR and 500HR training at Goodyoga with Flannery Foster and Amy Santos.  Then I received my Katonah Yoga 200HR certificate with Nevine Michaan.  

Some personal projects of mine are writing more songs and collaborating with other musicians and visual artists.

You can see me riding my longboard around the city or moving around at the park.


What makes your spirit come alive?


What type of old person would you like to become?

An old person that keeps learning new tricks

Name a time you were moved to tears or cried from happiness.

Listening to Kishi Bashi's "Am I the Antichrist to You" live

What is your class like?

An open level class that starts with refining your technique with meticulous detail to fill the form with breath. Then change between forms fluently like a dance. Expect breath work, metaphors, and a communal atmosphere.

When do you teach?

Sundays at 10am

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