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Rita grew up with a deep respect and admiration for her Indian heritage, but only started developing her yoga practice as a university student. Her fascination with yoga started with the wonders of the physical form and through exploration of fluid movement. In time, under the guidance of her incredible teachers, her love of the practice has evolved to be more about the connection between the internal and external and the potential we have to meet ourselves.


Her classes seamlessly blend asana, pranayama, and mindfulness practices, and have been described by students as flowing with ocean waves, the perfect blend of thoughtful movement and intensity, physical and mystical, grounding and imaginative. Rita has studied extensively with The Sacred Fig and Katonah Yoga and often incorporates inspirations from other somatic modalities and nature. | @rmurjani 


What makes your spirit come alive?

it varies 😄 really love gathering with others around food, listening to and sharing stories. music + dance + cultural appreciation. Of course, the feeling of teaching/taking a great yoga class :)

What is a book or blog that has changed your life?

RadReads Blog

What is your class like?

Using your breath as a guide to movement, my Katonah informed vinyasa style classes seamlessly blend asana, pranayama, and mindfulness practices. With an emphasis on alignment and creativity, the fluid sequences are designed to energize you physically and restore you mentally. Open Level.

When do you teach?

Fridays at 6pm

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